Our inbound services engage, delight, and retain customers with readily available support 24/7

We respond to incoming voice, chat, email, and social media tickets as quickly as possible; in a delightful manner, that boosts your business with repeat customers, referral customers, and positive reviews that draw more customers in.
Grow your business: achieve customer success by leveraging on Upsells and cross-sells integrated with all our frontline services.
We use the H.E.A.R.D technique used by customer-focused companies such as Disney.

E- Empathize
A- Apologize
R- Resolve
D- Diagnose

H- We let the customer tell the entire story without interruptions
E-We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and convey how deeply we understand how they feel
A- By putting ourselves in their shoes, we are able to sincerely apologize for the way they feel
R- And as quickly as possible proceed to solve the issue as best possible
D- Find out why the problem happened in the first place and report to your relevant department so that they can fix the issue.


Don’t lose revenue through unanswered emails. Get high-quality email support at a fraction of the cost. Happy’s highly talented and experienced customer support specialists are ready to start when you are.

When it comes to convenience, email takes the lead as a support channel.

With the increased demand for on-the-spot-support, the difference between a successful purchase and an abandoned cart lies within the hour the customer sends the email.

Customers expect fast responses when assisting them with pre, during, and after-sales.

This, however, can be taxing to you and your team, if you are constantly answering emails instead of working on the core business.

That kind of strategy is not only time and energy consuming but also ineffective. Letting an experienced team of email support specialists take over, helps you and your team concentrate on your core business.

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Our Process

Product/service knowledge

The difference between good and great customer support is product knowledge. We start by thoroughly learning your product/services. Our razor-sharp support specialists are keen to pick up on any questions they would have themselves and later try to answer them.

Learn FAQ’s

Through a quick but thorough scan of existing email communications. Happy quickly comes up with a Frequently Asked Question’s database and learns your voice in the process.

High-quality support

Our team of support specialists is now ready to offer excellent support.


Save time, money, and increase sales with our live chat support services. Statistics show that live chat is the most convenient tool for your customers. It builds long-term relationships and acts as the best competitive advantage for your business.

Don’t suffer abandoned carts, engage us today. We will provide high-quality chat support services.

First impressions matter. Responding quickly to a lead or potential is crucial. You don’t want to make customers wait around. They can easily change their minds.

Fast response equals more leads. In fact, statistics show that your chances of converting a lead decrease nearly 10 times after the first 5 minutes of contact.

You can avoid this by using talented, experienced chat support specialists like us.

Our Process

(How we ensure quality chat support)

Product knowledge

We first explore and review your product/ service to understand everything about it. We consistently check for updates and new products and learn everything we can about them.

Create a knowledge base:

This helps us to quickly access the right answers with the right wording within a short time. It helps cut response times too.

Word choice

We pay great attention to how we word the responses to ensure they are easy to understand and address the problem at hand properly. Never reply to customers in a negative tone. A positive tone makes your brand more approachable and memorable.

24/7 coverage

We always have someone or a team on chat support no matter the time of day. You need not suffer lost opportunities due to an offline chat.

Social Care (Social Media Customer Support)

Reply to your customers as quickly as possible using our 24/7 coverage.

  • 69% of all the consumers on social media insist that time is of the essence.
  • At least 42% of customers expect to get a response within 60 minutes.
  • 56% of these will never use a company again if they got delayed or poor customer care.

We can help you be among the 44% that is excelling at customer service, by providing quick quality responses to your customers on your social channels of choice.

Why do you need Social Media Customer Support?

Considering that approximately 2.5 billion people use smartphones today, it’s critical to engage with your customers where they are. According to SocialMediaToday, 67% of consumers use social media channels to seek help.

88% is the number of customers that say they won’t purchase from a company that leaves questions on social media, unanswered. Social Media Customer Support or “Social Care” is a new trend in customer service but a very important one, given that 34.5% of customers prefer using Social Media support over phone or email.

Whether you are just starting out, rapidly growing or have an already established brand presence- with these statistics, it’s clear that every business should have a great Social Care strategy.

At Happy we specialize in offering great support on social media. We know the hard work that goes into creating a brand and want to help protect your brand image through excellent support services. Our 24/7 customer interaction increases customer engagement, improves customer loyalty and retention. It also saves time and costs by deflecting calls. Besides, Most Social Media Channels have great analytics which will provide you with data for sales and marketing initiatives.


  • 24/7 coverage
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention
  • Save money and time


Despite the sprouting up of newer channels of customer support, phone support is still a very crucial support channel. According to studies, 70% of consumers have used this channel within the last 12 months.

Phone support is especially important for human contact, solving complex issues and assisting the older generation which might have problems navigating other channels.

Because answering phone calls is a live process, the customer specialists handling this support channel must be well trained and highly eloquent to understand and solve the customer’s problem within the first call. Here at Happy Customer, we have a high caliber of trained professionals who are not just fluent in English but eloquent.

Studies show that eloquent English speakers are even better than native English speakers. Happy has contracted highly experienced language experts who train our agents to not only speak fluent English but do so eloquently.

We offer both live and call-back phone services.

  •    Answering Services

Don’t suffer missed calls again; a missed call is a lost business opportunity. At Happy Customer, we will provide 24/7 call assistance to ensure that all calls are responded to in the most reliable time and manner. Have your peace of mind by dedicating your time to your business expansion and sales, while we take care of answering your customer’s queries and solving issues.

  •    Help desk

At Happy Customer, we have well-trained staff who come from diverse academic backgrounds including technology, finance, retail, human resources, and marketing. They are very knowledgeable and can offer technical support over the phone. They can troubleshoot issues, offer product information, usage, and guidelines.  We can integrate with your existing ticketing systems, to track arising matters and escalate them to your companies’ appropriate department for quick resolutions as per your specifications.

  •    Overflow and after-hours support

At times even with a well-staffed customer service department, you will find your customer queries spilling into the missed ticket queue for lack of enough manpower. This might be the case in certain seasons, or after your business makes certain announcements or adjustments. Or maybe as a result of a new marketing campaign.

Don’t worry about lost business opportunities. We can help you in such scenarios by providing overflow support services.

In case you need your omnichannel support system manned long after closing hours, we are the people for the job, at Happy Customer, we offer 24/7 quality customer support. Our team works in shifts. Therefore each hour of the day is always covered by fresh, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals with a readiness to wow your customer, whatever time of day.

  • Order processing

We offer exceptional customer service to your e-commerce customers. We can take care of all your order processing needs by interfacing with your order taking system. Let us help you have zero abandoned shopping carts from lack of assistance. We can provide after-hours support for your order needs long after closing time. Even after your physical business premises are closed. Our staff is well trained, highly professional, and customer-focused.

By letting us take care of your order processing needs, you will, in turn, be closing sales round the clock.

Call back services

Call-backs lower abandon rates by 32%. They allow customers to choose to receive a call once an agent is free instead of waiting in line.

Call back solutions are very beneficial in reducing abandonment rates, improving customer experience, reducing call spikes, and costs by freeing up PSTN lines that would have been occupied with call-waiting. At Happy Customer, we call back all your customers who have left a call-back request.

Never miss a sale due to an abandoned call. Talk to us

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