Scale-up your business using lead generation services. Boost revenue using proactive customer services such as upsells, cross-sells, and product promotion. Find out what your customers have to say through customer feedback surveys

Outbound Strategy

Nurture relationships by keeping in touch with your customers. Or update your customers on a recently restocked product.


  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Have a proactive support strategy

Promote your product

  • Boost revenue from existing customers
  • Promote your product
  • Update customers when products are restocked

Lead generation

  • Gain feedback from customers.
  • Scale the business through lead generation
  • Nurture existing customers

Call back services

Call-backs lower abandon rates by 32%. They allow customers to choose to receive a call once an agent is free instead of waiting in line.

Call back solutions are very beneficial in that they reduce abandonment rates, improve customer experience, reduce call spikes, and costs by freeing up PSTN lines that would have been occupied with the call waiting.

At Happy Cx we get back to your customers who leave a call-back request and help your business never miss a sale due to an abandoned call.

Market Research

Reduce your decision making headache using a well planned and executed market research. Happy Customer provides market research services through outbound calls, emails, and social media channels. By administering well-designed questionnaires, you get invaluable insight into your market. Using our help, gather as much business intelligence as you need to make the right product design, marketing, and sales strategies.

Customer Feedback Survey

Gain invaluable insight into your customer’s likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences through our customer feedback services. Customer feedback helps businesses create, improve, adjust, and fine-tune their products and services. Customer feedback surveys help your customers feel valued. Something that goes a long way to improving your retention rates.

Statistics show that you can increase your profits by up to 95% with just a 5% increase in customer retention rates. It’s easier to get an existing customer to buy your products and services than it is to convince a prospect to buy.

You can do this through regular proactive customer feedback surveys. Through our customer service specialists, we can administer a proactive customer feedback survey that integrates cross-sells, upsells, and new product promotions in a natural, none-salesy way.

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Lead Generation

Cold calls are just as they sound! Cold, but here at Happy CX we turn cold calls into warm calls. Warm calls turn into leads and leads turn into customers. We provide B2B (business to business lead generation) services through cold calling techniques that really work. Try us today and realize a new sales channel that offers cheaper leads per head pay

Up-selling, Cross-selling, and Retention Services

Increase the uptake of your products and services using our upselling-cross selling retention services. Cross-selling provides

  • Brand awareness
  • Product line knowledge,
  • Increased use of your entire product range

This creates more business and improves customer retention by meeting various customer needs.  Talk to us today and let us help you earn more while retaining your clients.

Appointment Setting

Get more customers, increase revenue and gather important insights with our appointment setting services. Our highly trained appointment setters are equipped with the right skills to reach out and get prospects to meet with you. We integrate with your calendar system, to ensure appointments are booked at your available time.

Use our services today and turn your prospects into customers.

Debt Collection

Stop! Don’t write off that debt yet, we at Happy Customer have a team of specialized agents that can engage your debtors and collect your bad debts for you, all while being professional and customer-centric. Tell us your needs today and we will offer a well-tailored solution.

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