Back Office Services

Problems? Solved. This is your one-stop-shop for all the support you need to strengthen and scale up your business. Let a professional assistant handle your back-office, so that you can do, only what you can.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant Services

Boost your productivity and concentrate on your core business as our professional Virtual Assistants take care of your back-office operations for you.

We do:

  • Internet research,
  • Data entry,
  • Content management,
  • Social Media Management,
  • Project management and more

Email Management

Have a messy inbox? We can clean up and organize your inbox within 24 hours. We also respond to emails and monitor your email campaigns.

Internet Research

Whether you are in e-commerce, technology or retail, there is a constant need for information. We have excellent researchers who will comb the internet to find the information you are looking for.

Project Management

Beat your project deadlines by hiring our organized and professional project managers. We have successfully managed client projects through tools such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp and can use any tool of your preference.

We are skilled in planning, outlining, creating, recruiting, liaising, monitoring, and tracking projects to ensure they are successfully done.

  •   Asana
  •   Trello
  •   Basecamp

Diary and Calendar Management

Ever booked a meeting and realized in horror that you had earlier booked another meeting on the same time slot. You can avoid this by hiring a Personal or Executive Assistant.

At Happy customer, we provide you with highly skilled and experienced personal assistants who manage your time effectively and also keep you as organized as possible.

Our P.A’s and E.A’s manage your calendar and diaries. They schedule meetings, plan your travel, and ensure you get to the place you need to be, on time.

They also equip you with the information you need to ensure you understand what the meeting is about.

Our Process:We start by finding out your preferences through a discovery call and a detailed questionnaire.

Social Media management

With 3.2 billion people using social media, it’s crucial for a business to have a social presence. We at Happy help you create, Schedule, Engage and Analyze your social media to help you reach an even bigger audience and grow your business even further.

Using our social media managers you can create, monitor and grow a considerable social following

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Blog Management

Your blog helps or will help you get in front of your prospects. But we can agree that it’s no easy task putting together a blog much less running it.

We find relevant blog post ideas, manage your editorial calendar, generate quality content, and help you market the blog on Pinterest whilst maintaining the blog.

What proper blog management will do for you

More Traffic

With quality content, your blog will rank well on search engines, perform well on social media, and with your audience. Leading to increased site traffic.

More time

By outsourcing your blog management needs, you will have plenty of time to concentrate on other important functions of your business.


More credibility

Become a leader, an authority in the discipline you operate in. By constantly producing quality content, you will gain the trust of your audience and they will be more likely to buy what you sell.

Less costs

By outsourcing your blog management needs, you eliminate the need for an inhouse content team which means higher pay and increased risks of stalling when someone leaves.

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